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Even if they decide to choose him as the candidate

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wholesale jerseys from china He can absolutely block in the cmt for the short while he is there but there are a good number of judges more than 20 ready to be voted on in the full Senate. If they run out of those they can do some ambassadors, or deputy Secretaries or other officials who were nominated. Some Trump nominees were named more than a year ago but didn have floor time yet in the Senate, that stuff is precious ever since the massive Democrat obstruction. wholesale jerseys from china

wholesale jerseys from china The Conservative Propaganda Machine will divide as each faction decides to support Trump or another candidate. Instead of that solid wall of support, there will be factional skirmishes for every primary vote, all played out against a backdrop of increasingly ugly accusations against Trump as investigations advance, and colleagues are indicted, prosecuted cheap nfl jerseys, sentenced, and imprisoned.By the time we reach the Republican Convention, the investigations may even be sweeping up current and past members of Congress, and the GOP may finally understand that they are finished without a major attempt at reform, and Trump cannot be the reform candidate. Even if they decide to choose him as the candidate, he will be so bruised and battered from criticism among his own party that it will be impossible to win, especially if the Democrats run a candidate that can be respected, like Joe Biden, or even Bernie Sanders.I agree that bringing anything to a vote in the first place would be the biggest challenge, but if the leadership decides that Trumps usefulness is over, and he causing far more damage than he worth, and if the charges look like they are going to stick and send him and everybody who is on board to prison, then they may be very willing to bring anything to the floor that hurts Trump.Besides, pre existing conditions is an issue that even a lot of thinking Republicans agree with, making it possible. wholesale jerseys from china

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