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It uses your phone GPS, accelerometer and compass to create a

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Sansa Media Converter SoftwareUnfortunately, electronics do burn out. When something goes wrong with your SanDisk player, do you throw it out and purchase a new one? Often, we can repair items ourselves it could be as simple as learning how to change a battery. How do you know when your player is shot and can be repaired? What do you do if you see the dreaded white screen of death?.

Love watching the stars and everything in the sky at night? This Android app will let you do that on your Android phone. Developed by Google, Skymap lets you find planets, stars, and constellations using your Android phone. It uses your phone GPS, accelerometer and compass to create a window in the sky that moves with your hand.

I would like to thank the men and women who took the time to share their personal stories and complete the survey questions for us. This was not a scientific survey. However the candid answers may help the reader who is going through the same type of emotions.

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The lighthouses have a field of fiew of 120 horizontally as vertically. The IR signals that these lighthouses are emitting have a reach of about 6 meter. So if you mount them in the opposite corners of your room facing downwards about 30 35, they should be able to cover your whole room, as long as the room is not larger than about 5×5 meter.

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