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We impact people in many ways and in numerous environments

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While their claws are large, sloths are herbivores, or plant eaters. They use the claws for protection rather than to kill food. The leaves they eat are hard to digest and low in nutritional value, and they have a very slow metabolism as a result. Without even reading the article i can say that this does not surprise me. Im not the most outgoing of persons, and i rarely goto bars, etc. So my experience of sexual harassment is zero; with no experience, or opportunity for exposure to such, how can i accurately estimate the level of harassment another person might receive? let alone a person with vastly different life experience (different gender, completely different habits, different physical size, etc)..

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Not being a morning person shouldn’t make you feel guilty. Those of us who prefer to slumber or rest in the morning don’t usually like to admit it, especially if we live with early morning people. We may tend to make excuses and even blame it on our heritage, “My mother and father always slept late!”.

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Aber eine begrenzte Kausalitt ist berhaupt keine Kausalitt mehr, wie wohl zuerst unser wunderbarer Spinoza mit aller Schrfe erkannt hat. Und die animistische Auffassung der Naturreligionen wird im Prinzip durch Monopolisierung nicht aufgehoben. Durch solche Mauern knnen wir nur zu einer gewissen Selbsttuschung gelangen; aber unsere moralischen Bemhungen werden durch sie nicht gefrdert.

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