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You shouldn’t be woken up quickly and it makes you startled

#Sem categoria | 8 de junho de 2014

I’d have your girlfriend and her long term family friend try to explain that you did not get angry or drunk or high and went on a rampage and assault her friend with premeditated intent to hurt her. You shouldn’t be woken up quickly and it makes you startled, your girlfriends friend was drunk and thought it’d be funny to scare you awake, you panicked and lashed out. It was an accident, a freak accident that both adult women are willingly to accept and process, her parents are not.

I find that when I at work I can be friendly toward everyone but when I leave I tend to avoid eye contact. When I worked at Domino when it opened I never had an issue with rude people, even on the phone. When I worked at Mark customers didn take us seriously at all, and were mean to us every day.

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